Prepping for college can be extremely stressful and overwhelming if you are not well prepared. Today starts a new series called “College Prep” to show you guys how I prep for college and what I have learned throughout my last 3 years! Grab yourself a coffee because today we are talking all about your workspace or desk area.

I am definitely a believer that your space says a lot about you and when my desk is clean and organized as well as my room, I feel so much more motivated. Whether its homework, a blog post or anything else I really can’t work well unless my space is clean, so for that reason I have some key tips to organizing your workspace to be both functional and as aesthetically pleasing as possible.



In this picture above you can see my workspace and how it is organized. The desk that I have is from Christmas Tree Shops that I bought probably 5 years ago – but here is a similar one. I definitely believe you can find some great inexpensive pieces that work well – no need to spend a fortune.

On my desk I love to have some sort of cup with pens, pencils, highlighters and whatever else it is that I need. This is so that it is easy to grab whatever I need quickly and also can look super cute on a desk! Use a mug or even a glass vase from the dollar store!

Also on my desk I like to have a candle, to me candles are so relaxing to have on in your room. Especially on a rainy or cold day it is so awesome to have a candle on to relax you and makes your room feel nice and cozy. I love Bath and Body Works candles, but for a more inexpensive alternative I look at TJ Maxx, this lavender one is one of my favorites.

Also on my desk is a file holder, this I recently put on my desk to hold important folders, papers and books. This just helps to clear up any paper stacks you may have on your desk and makes it easy to grab whatever papers you may need.

My desk is wrapped in contact paper, which I think adds such a chic look to it! I would love to do a post on how I covered this desk.

Until next time…





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