Summer Beauty Essentials | Blogust 2017

In Summer there are some beauty products we all cant go without! Here is a list of my necessities to keep glowing all Summer long!

Lotion is so necessary after laying in the sun and just to keep your skin moisturized and glowing. This lotion is the best I have ever used from Vaseline, and it also lasts such a long time! I’ve had this bottle since the Winter and use it everyday!

Urban Decay Setting Spray is LIFE. For my oily skin girls out there if you haven’t tried this, stop reading this post and go buy it here. Then come back and finish reading of course. But seriously, its amazing. And in this heat, girl you need it.

Dove body wash has been my #1 ever since I tried using it, not sure why I ever used anything else. It smells fresh, is super moisturizing and if you try the Winter Care one you will be blown away. My skin was never softer than when I used it. So go get it. Now. Here is the link.

It Cosmetics CC cream. This stuff has SPF 50 in it and is like a girls best friend in the Summer. For all of us out there with acne, redness or anything else we still like to cover up on beach days, try this. SPF and great coverage. Get it here.

Dove deodorant is AMAZING! And they just recently came out with a kind of deodorant that doesn’t rub off on clothes. This deodorant lasts so long and smells AWESOME! You need it here!

Let me know some of your Summer essentials in the comments!

xoxo Kate




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