Tonight for dinner I decided to try to make a veggie or buddha bowl as I have seen them called. This bowl was so easy, filling and was DELICOUS! Plus super good for you. Check out how I made mine below.

This is also a great way to make dinner and have leftovers for lunch the next day – thats what I did. Definitely a great meal prep recipe!

Also I blogged a night routine and showed some clips of making this check it out here on my YouTube.




_DSC0930Above are the ingredients and the “toppings” or additions to the veggies. The quinoa and brown rice was a last minute thought – it was delicious but just the veggies would be very filling and still delicious.

The hummus is what adds that extra flavor.


Here is how the veggies were chopped up. I placed them in oven safe dishes or on a cookie sheet. Foil makes clean up SO much easier – so I usually lay that down also.



After laying all the veggies out evenly, it was time to season them. Salt, pepper, onion salt, oregano, parsley and avocado oil on the potatoes and zucchini.



On the broccoli and chickpeas I opted for paprika, salt, pepper, onion salt, and Montreal steak seasoning. This added some extra spice and flavor.


After roasting all the veggies for around 25 minutes at 375 – it was time to assemble the bowls!


How amazing do these look? I was so impressed with the looks of them and the taste was out of this world. They were delicious and super filling. Definitely recommend trying to make your own version of a buddha bowl.

I liked this mix of flavors a lot – and the red pepper hummus on top was out of this world!


Hope you enjoyed this post! Check out my YT channel – the night routine Vlog should be up soon!

xoxo Kate


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