Ever since I received the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Palette I have been loving it! The palette is so versatile and is perfect for natural or dramatic looks.

Here are some swatches and my thoughts below.


The mix of colors below are my absolute favorite! I also am starting to really crave fall makeup, clothes and food! So this row just gives me such Fall vibes and inspiration for so many looks.

Also just look at that pigmentation. INSANE.


Needless to say the teal colors at the end “Jada” and “Pool Party” are amazing.


Also those bronze colors in the middle above are freaking beautiful. Pretty clear what colors I gravitate towards.


The bottom row doesn’t impress me color wise and the swatches were less desirable than the rest of the palette. But they probably act great when on the eyes and are perfect colors to smoke out and make any look dramatic.

I did use the black color and it was super blendable and dark.

All in all this palette is absolutely stunning. There are so many looks you can create and I truly cannot wait to use this palette in other seasons and see how it can be used all year round.

But while its still Summer, I’m enjoying the brighter colors!

If you can get your hands on this palette – I believe it restocks on the 22nd! 

xoxo Kate


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  1. Omg those colors are gorgeous and that pigmentation is to die for! I can’t wait to get my hands on this palette. Loved your review and your blog!


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