How I Fight Bloating | 2017

As we all know as females, bloating comes with the territory. What blows my mind is all the pictures on Instagram that show two photos before and after eating, the difference from bloating alone can be a lot. (Which makes me feel better lol). Aside from eating causing bloating, the worst is when Flo comes to town – its like all hell breaks loose. Lets just say the week before she comes to town is a leggings only week. NO JEANS!

So here are a few ways that I try to fight bloating!


Guys….if you have not tried hot lemon water you need to try it…NOW! Like now now! This is probably my best suggestion to fight bloating. Aside from that, I could go on forever on the positive effects I get from lemons – but fighting bloating is number one. Drink this in the morning and at night or after a big meal. SO GOOD.


I know this is super hard…from doing whole 30 for a total of 5 days…it was hard. (Don’t judge! lol) BUT when you are feeling super bloated sugar doesn’t help at all. I try to cut out all added sugar and processed foods at all, focus on veggies and fruit and proteins. Eggs are my favorite flat tummy food.


I have tried recently to cut out most of my dairy – it is tough. (I really love cheese.) But it doesn’t help feeling bloated and can definitely cause stomach issues or at least uncomfortableness. I try to stick to almond milk and water to keep a flatter tummy.


I know super random. But I have fallen in love with running sprints lately. (I know who am I…) BUT when you are feeling bloated, a gym session can really help. When I am super stuffed or bloated I go to the gym and run 5-10 sprints on 7.5-8.0 on the treadmill. This for some reason makes my tummy feel super flat and is quick cardio! I also will add in ab exercises for a quick 30 min workout!

If all else fails, I just let the bloat ride itself out. Currently trying ALL of these tips – sometimes they help and some weeks nothing helps. But hey – none of these are bad for you, so why not try?

P.S. Whether these work or not – use this week of bloating as an excuse to wear leggings all day everyday. #noshame

Let me know if these were helpful!

xoxo Kate


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