Happy New Year Loves!! I wish you all nothing but happiness & health in the upcoming year. With the new year comes the resolutions, goals and “new year new me” mantras.

Although, I am all about bettering ourselves and growing it is important to also remember to not set those goals or resolutions too high. I think sometimes when we rush into things, set tons of goals and push ourselves too much we tend to lose ourselves in the process.

I have realized recently, the importance of self-care. It is so important for us all to make sure we are taking care of ourselves, and this can be seen in so many different forms. Capture

I recently saw this quote on Facebook about self-care in 2018 and it inspired me. The post also said self-care doesn’t always mean a lush bath bomb or a face mask. And although those are awesome ways to treat yourself, there are many other ways of self care.

This last semester of school kicked my you know what, and at the end of it I felt so exhausted and numb from it all that I left thinking to myself, why did I let myself get to that point? And I think we have all had those times where it feels like you truly have depleted and exhausted yourself! And I feel like it took me two weeks of laziness to recover from that haha.

But now in the new year, I think it so important to focus on self care and I have definitely found things that work for me. And I hope to continue these into the new year and beyond. With jobs and school and families and friends and all those amazing parts of our lives, it can also be extremely exhausting.

So in this new year set goals, make resolutions, work towards your dreams BUT also remember to take care of yourselves to be able to achieve those goals!

I am so looking forward to the new year and will definitely be doing a few posts on self-care strategies coming up!



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